Helpful Links


WordPress Tutorial

Simple to understand Learn WordPress Tutorial

12 Tips for Optimizing your site for SEO

Mindy McAdams’ WordPress Basics

General Multimedia

Reporter’s Guide to Multimedia Proficiency


How to use the Zoom H2N

Journalists Toolkit Audio Resources

Tips for recording interviews with a smart phone


Setting up Preferences in Audacity   preferences must be set BEFORE you open the original audio file in Audacity!

Super-Fast Guide to Audio Editing

Editing Audio in Audacity

Multitrack Audio Editing

Great Audacity Tutorial from KDMC Berkeley

YouTube Audacity Tutorial Video

Audacity Wiki for manuals, support, help

Free Sound Effects and Royalty Free Music


Soundslides Manual

Photoshop How-tos for Soundslides

Soundslides Troubleshooting Guide

KDMC Soundslides Tutorial

Soundslides video converter

Tips for Creating Soundslides

Examples: Voices from a Divided Prom, The New York Times

Example:Guitar Lessons at the Central Area Senior Center

Some resources for Social Media


The Simple Twitter Book


Instagram presentation by Logan Lape


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