Research Paper

Write and 8- to 10- page research paper on a subject dealing with media law or ethics. (12 point Times, double space)

You can choose your own topic, but it must be approved by your instructor.

This research paper is to present facts, not opinions, on your subject and include citations of your sources. Please use MLA style for your research paper.

Here are some ideas for topics:

  1. Just past the 25th anniversary of the Supreme Court decision on Hazelwood vs. Kuhlmeier, evaluate the impacts this decision has had on the tension between student freedom of speech and press vs. school authority over student expression. Specifically look at the ways this decision concerning a high school case has influenced court decisions on college cases, such as Hosty v. Carter, and more recent cases.
  2. What is the state of censorship concerning freedom of expression for college students and freedom of press for college media. Evaluate current trends in censorship, state laws that protect college media from censorship, court cases concerning censorship, and the impacts on media at public and private universities.
  3. Research laws and ethics associated with online media, including blogs, social media and websites. Or, research these laws and determine what you need to know as a blogger or freelance journalist.
  4. Explain the Freedom of Information Act and how journalists have used it. What is the current climate of pubic records under the Obama administration, what are some recent court cases regarding the FOIA act, and research some successful and unsuccessful FOIA cases in college media.
  5. Peruse the Student Press Law Center website and look at various topics covered in its blog or issue. Does one interest you as a journalist?

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