Mass Media & American Society – Independent Study

Course Description This course examines the historical, ethical and cultural role of the major forms of American mass media, including print, broadcast and online media. By taking a close look at the media’s relationship to our democratic system of government and its necessary free exchange of ideas, students gain an understanding of the increasingly important role the media have in shaping us as individuals and as a society. Students examine how journalistic ethics and American laws affect the media’s ability to perform this role.

Expectations: Student will complete all assignments and assigned readings, and meet with faculty adviser once a week. Download your syllabus,  14FallENGL346Canino

Student Outcomes: Upon successful completion of this course, a student will:

  1. Understand the role of a free press in a democracy
  2. Evaluate the challenges today with accuracy, fairness and bias and how crumbling integrity, economics, the Internet and media conglomerates are affecting the press
  3. Become familiar with media law: libel, copyright, invasion of privacy, etc.
  4. Become familiar with press rights: Sunshine laws, press privileges, press protections, right to know
  5. Evaluate current case law which affects online publishing, such as blogging
  6. Identify ethical issues and learn how to handle an ethical situation
  7. Learn journalism’s codes of ethics

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