Can’t stop tweeting…

For those of you who are yet to be convinced about Twitter, or just need a boost to finish your Twitter Assignment, here are a few tutorials for you.

1. Mashable – A Twitter How-To Guide Book

This has the answers to every question you might have – just click on the link of the subject  you want to know more about.

Screen Shot 2013-10-23 at 11.38.59 AM

2. Top 7 Twitter Tutorials on YouTube – don’t like to read, just watch these short & fun videos

3. Why you need to use Twitter as a journalist by Steve Buttry

Happy tweets!


Social Media Sharing Assignment

Choose a Social Media site and be able to share what it is, how it works and how it could be useful to you in your career, or to multimedia journalists. Emphasize how it creates a conversation and connects people together. Submit a one-page overview that includes:

Name of Social Media
Number of users (use link below)
Short history
How it is used
How it could be useful to you in your field, major or career
Any interesting tidbits about your Social Media

Bring your laptop to class and any adapters that you need, so you can present your Social Media on the projector. This is a 25 point assignment.

 Do not choose Facebook, Twitter or YouTube.

Some options for you to consider:

Linked In





Scoop It








Here a list of many others   List of top Social Media sites and apps

And finally, Overdrive, a digital marketing company, offers this Social Media Map, updated as of October 2013.



Twitter is an important tool for journalists, and essential to anyone for networking. Just use 140 characters to start a conversation. (This statement is 134 out of 140 available characters!)

How to set up and start your Twitter account from Zombie Journalism

Twitter tips for Journalists by Steve Buttry, digital transformation editor for Digital News First

Twitter assignment- Due April 4 – 50 points

Visit any of the art exhibits at Sierra Nevada College and write 10 tweets on what you saw, who you met, and your impressions. You can visit the exhibits multiple times and on different days, or just all at once.

Use #sncart hashtag.