Assigned Reading – Due Wednesday, March 25

Read Chapter 4, of Inside Reporting – Reporting Basics (click here to download the pdf)

Answer the following Assigned Reading Questions as you read:

1. In covering breaking news, you are four key things you should remember before running out to cover the story?

2. Why is it important to use multiple sources – even more than the three required for your Eagle’s Eye stories? Provide three reasons.

3. Name six different types of sources.

4. What are three ways to use someone’s information without plagiarizing?

5. What does it mean to Show, not Tell?

6. After reading page 76-77, tell me what you prefer – taking notes or recording interviews? What should you be cautious about with your preferred method of gathering information?

7. How should you prepare for an interview?

8. You may not use an anonymous source in your Eagle’s Eye articles unless it has been cleared by me. What are some valid reasons for using an anonymous source?

9. Why use “said” in attribution?

10. How can you be more diverse in your sources for Eagle’s Eye articles?


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