College Nationals: Final Results


It was a great week for the SNC students that we are fortunate enough to have representing our school on the ski and snowboard teams. After a week competing at Whiteface Mountain for the 36th annual USCSA College National Championships, the athletes are proud to be taking home yet again, multiple national titles.

Last Saturday the alpine team, as well as our freestyle ski and snowboard teams, left the blue skies and warm temps in Tahoe and flew into the sub zero temperatures, ice, and wind gust that make up the majority of the weather in Upstate New York.

Despite the frigid temperatures, SNC was all smiles throughout their week spent competing. Not only did the team enjoy their time together, but they did an amazing job in each division of the competition.

The men’s alpine team, as well as both the men and women’s freestyle snowboard and ski teams were each crowned the overall national champions for their divisions. In addition, our women’s alpine team came in second place overall, respectively, for what was a very close competition against Rocky Mountain College.

Over all combined individual results:

Men’s freestyle skier:

2nd Austin Simonpietri

3rd Jaime Melton

4th Alden Spence

6th Jasen Arens

20th Kyle Murphy

23rd Ben Merril

Women’s freestyle skier:

1st Katie Souza

3rd Jamie Wanzek

5th Holly Hind

Men’s snowboarder :

1st Marco Gooding

3rd Ian Wieczorek

5th Armeen Pirooz

8th Austin Leal

13th Ian Van Metre

Women’s snowboarder:

1st Ashley Vander Meer

4th Danielle Steinhoff

5th Emma Romo

11th Amber Hart

12th Kelsey Madro

Men’s alpine

1st Jaka Jazbec

2nd Finlay Neeson

4th Elias Stuerz

Women’s alpine

3rd Marie­Theres Noichl

4th Emilie Lamoureux


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