5 Shot Video Assignment

You can choose which video editing program you are familiar with. If video editing is new to you, then choose the most appropriate tutorial under the Helpful Links. Watch the tutorial.

Your assignment is to read University of Florida Journalism Professor Mindy McAdams’ Five shot Method and then download the Vimeo files. Use the files to create a 1 minute or less video using the five shot method. Do NOT make it longer than one minute and even 30 seconds is fine. Don’t watch Mindy’s final video clip until you have finished your own. Export your video to a Mp4 and email to me at tcanino@sierranevada.edu. If your file is too big, then upload to the snceagleseye YouTube channel.



username: snceagleseye


This is a 50 point assignment due on Nov. 20. I will be in the lab on Monday, Nov. 18,  4-8:30 p.m. for those who need help.


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