Photojournalism Slideshow Assignment – 50 points

Choose a story that has some visual interest: An event, a crowd, a demonstration, people working or playing, etc. Not a speech. Not a press conference.

Write a headline or summary for your story. This can change as you go out and shoot the story, but make sure you have a story first by honing in on what is interesting, who is involved, what you are trying to show with your slideshow.

Shoot at least 30 photos at one time, on one day, for ONE STORY. Several photos can be of the same thing, but change your position, the angle, etc.

The photos must focus on at least three very different things — for example, at an arts festival: one subject might be an artist in her booth, selling her work; a second subject might be the crowd attending the arts festival, or perhaps one family enjoying themselves there; a third subject might be the work of a different artist, if it has visual interest (for example, intricate silver jewelry).

You can have about 10 shots of each single subject, but be sure to get different angles and different distances (super-close, close and medium are best) of each subject, so the 10 shots do not look exactly the same.

Make sure there are PEOPLE (at least one person) in your photo slideshow. Even if you shoot objects, there should be a person’s hand or face also.

Work hard to follow the rules of COMPOSITION.

Edit your photos: Using Photoshop.

Create a photo gallery through WordPress, or a Slideshow through Flickr.

Have your gallery uploaded and ready to share by beginning of class on Oct. 2.



 10 points – Do you tell a story with your photos? Is there visual interest? Does it have a theme?


10 points – Do you have different angles for your photos? Are some up close, some medium, some far away? Do you have different subjects? Do the shots look different?


10 points – Have you used the rules of composition? Rule of thirds, simplicity, avoiding mergers, balance, lines, impact, point of entry, lighting, surprise, etc.

10 points – Are your photos adjusted properly? Not too dark or too light, well cropped and framed?

10 points – Have you uploaded to Flickr or a WordPress Gallery? Did you meet the deadline?

Your headline __________________________________________________________


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