Reading Assignments

Why I Write – Tuesday, May 21

A Hanging by George Orwell

During class on Tuesday, May 21: An Obit

Jim Romenesko – The story behind the most bad-ass obit ever
Read the New York Times obit, too – John Fairfax, who rowed across oceans, dies at 74

Due on Wednesday, May 22: Story Ideas, looking beyond the obvious

Listen to one or two stories. What was the takeaway? What was interesting? How did Roman Mars tell the story? How are these NOT obvious stories?

Due on Thursday, May 23: Amazing long-form journalism

Snow Fall The Avalanche at Tunnel Creek by John Branch, New York Times

Due on Friday, May 24: A Sense of Place

The Forever City by Robert Hughes

Due on Tuesday, May 28: Asking Questions

Choose any Q&A by Rolling Stone

Due on Wednesday, May 29: Everyone has a story

Listen to StoryCorps, a podcast affiliated with NPR

Search “Julio Diaz” for your first listen and then choose one more Staff Pick

Due on Thursday, May 30: Great writing is easy to read

Choose a story from Byliner, a website that promotes great stories. You can read the free stories, or sign up for a free two-week trial of the premium edition, but remember to unsubscribe so you aren’t charged the monthly fee

Due on Friday, May 31: Great storytelling is interesting

Read another Byliner story

Readings for June 3-7 TBA



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