Boston Marathon bombings media coverage

Boston Marathon bombings media coverage

What went right, what went wrong, and what can a journalism student learn from it?

  1. Watch this excellent video on what happened.
  2. Here’s how The Boston Globe went into action to cover the bombings
  3. The live blog which the Boston Globe created in order to keep up with the fast flow of news and information coming in
  4. A Storify created by Hong @hqu  about the first tweets from the bombing. To watch, use the link below.
  5. Who Broke the News of the Boston Marathon Bombing?

    News travels at the speed of light in social media, both figuratively and literally. Two bombs exploded at approximately 2:50 p.m. EDT on April 15th, 2013 in Boston. On Twitter, reports of the bombing materialized in real time. Below is a chronology of tweets that “broke the news.”

  6. Once the media coverage began, good and bad journalism emerged. There were several thoughtful analyses from the journalism community concerning the coverage. Be sure to read the links in the stories as well.

  7. Some commentary on the mistakes…
  8. Jon Stewart’s sarcasm offers a humorous perspective.
  9. Finally, this is a video of a May 1 program by the Neiman Foundation for Journalism at Harvard, called “Timing, Trust and Credibility in the Age of Twitter.” It is so fascinating because Boston reporters tell their own stories about covering the bombing with Twitter, video, traditional reporting; how they organized themselves for the coverage; and what they did to ensure their reporting was accurate.

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