Your assignment is to create a blog.

If you are a junior or senior, I would advise creating a blog that will show who you are and what you are capable of doing. This can be used to help you obtain a job after you graduate. If you have a blog that showcases your writing or photography, your multimedia projects or just even your philosophy of life, it could have a positive effect on a future employer.

If you are a freshman or sophomore, you can certainly create a professional blog, but as you practice working with one, you might just want to create a blog on a subject you are passionate about – cooking, hiking, snorkeling, etc.

Your blog should have a name, a theme, a focus, an About page, connections to social media, categories and posts!

To learn more about blogs, see the Storify blogging presentation.

You can access blogging tutorials on the Helpful Links page of this sncjournalism.

Your blog must be finished by next week to share with the class. You must have a theme, an About page, and categories.


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