Soundslides Assignment

Due April 24, with deadline for photos and audios on April 17. You will have class time to put together your Audio Soundslide on April 17.

Choose a story that has some visual interest which preferably involves SNC students or faculty, on or off campus. Look for a story that can follow an arc, with a climax and resolution.

Write a headline and create a storyboard for your story. This can change as you go out and shoot the story, but make sure you have a story first by honing in on what is interesting, who is involved, what you are trying to show with your audio slideshow.

Shoot a lot of photos – Mindy McAdams suggests 200 photos at one time, on one day, for ONE STORY. Several photos can be of the same thing, but change your position, the angle, etc.

Record natural sounds during your photo shoot.

Record your interviews They should be done in a quiet place, and they can be done separately from the photos. If you are covering an event, you may have to do interviews at the scene, but move the person off to a quiet area. Try to get more than one interview if appropriate.

In class on April 17

Edit your photos: Using Photoshop.

 Edit your audio: Using Audacity or GarageBand. It would be better if you could have your audio edited before class.

Combine the two: Using Soundslides

Post to your blog before class on April 24. 


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