Audio Assignment Due on 10-10-2012

Audio Interview – What’s your passion?

1. You will choose an SNC student, staff or faculty member for an audio interview. Choose someone who willingly shares his or her passion (you may need a pre-interview to ensure that your subject is passionate about a hobby,  sport,  major, dog, place, food, activity, etc.) Please tell your subject that this interview will probably be posted on

2. Check out one of the H2n audio recorders from Savannah or Tanya to conduct your interview. I know you can do it with your iPhone, but I would like you to have the experience with a true audio recorder. You can only have it for two days, so others can use it too.

3. Record your interview in a quiet place. Make sure your subject states his or her full name and major if a student or subject matter if professor. Basically name and identification.

4. Either install Audacity on your laptop via the instructions, or use the software in the DART lab to edit your interview. It should not have any of your voice on the final audio file – only your subject. It should be between 60 to 120 seconds long – no more or less! Make sure you know the DART lab hours (they are posted on the door).

5. Once you are finished, upload the interview to the Eagle’s Eye SoundCloud account. I will post on the SNC journalism blog the directions to do this and email you the username and password once it is finalized.

Congratulations! You have made your first audio interview!


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